Navigating Mobility: Insights from ATMA Leaders

With Shumin Yeo & Steve Burson

Shumin Yeo, Director of Education and Growth at ATMA, and Steve Burson, Chairman of ATMA, dive into the world of talent mobility in Asia and shed light on the mission of the Asian Talent Mobility Alliance (ATMA). ATMA, is a organisation established during the COVID-19, is committed to promoting the advancement of global mobility professionals in Asia.

43 min

A Greener Mobile Workforce – Accommodation

With Jess Dunderdale

Jess has dedicated the majority of her professional journey to the corporate accommodation space. In her capacity as the Senior Director of Sales at AltoVita, Jess engage in insightful conversations around sustainability within the corporate accommodation sector. In this episode, Jess delves into the world of sustainability certifications in the corporate accommodation and hospitality sectors.

35 min

Sustainable Aviation Fuels & Green Hydrogen SME

With Shravan Singh

Shravan is a highly driven, entrepreneurial, and visionary engineering professional, with a successful track record in impacting corporate profitability, productivity, and competitive performance through skillful alignment of technology, science, and engineering resources. In this episode, Shravan shares his some insights into the aviation industry and its decarbonised future.

40 min

Tools and Skills for Hybrid Management

With Dave Collins

Dave Collins is a nationally recognised trainer, facilitator and speaker, founder and CEO of Oak and Reeds. In this episode, Dave shares his knowledge and experience and provides us with the tools and skills needed for communicating in a hybrid working environment.

30 min

Office space management in a Hybrid Working World

With James Bingham

James is Bingham the Director of Alidade Australia, whose mission is to enable the world in Hybrid work. In this episode, James offers some great insights into getting the hybrid working model right, and provides solutions that aid corporations to use their office space based on a flex workforce.

50 min

Retention of Returning Talent

With Margot Andersen

Margot Andersen is the founder of Insync Network Group, a career management and leadership consultancy.  In this episode, Margot discusses her recently released report which focuses on repatriating talent – ‘Do I stay or do I go?’, and gives some top tips for leaders looking to retain talent upon repatriation.

37 min

Retention – as seen from both sides

With Lindsay Gordon

Lindsay is an award-winning career coach for analytically minded people with her own consultancy: ‘A Life of Options’. In this episode, Lindsay provides a view from both an employer and employee – sharing observations from both sides when it comes to decisions on careers and the pressure on both sides.

35 min


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