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Dive into the world of internships and the ever-shifting Australian employment landscape with Gerald Holland, CEO of InternMach, and Naren Chellappah, Program Director at Career Success Australia. In this episode, Gerald and Naren unpack the challenges and opportunities facing graduates and employers alike. 

The episode explores the importance of internships, the challenges of university-industry collaboration, and the skills employers are seeking in today’s market. Our guests also delve into the changing career landscape and the growing need for upskilling and professional development. 

Insights into this episode include:   

  • Internships – a win-win for graduates and employers: discover how internships offer companies a valuable opportunity to identify and recruit future talent while assessing their fit within the company and how these programs equip students with practical experience, and ease the transition from theory to real-world work. 
  • Building stronger university-industry collaboration: explore the challenges and potential solutions for universities and businesses to work more closely. Learn how universities integrating internships and fostering stronger communication channels can benefit students and companies. 
  • The skills employers seek beyond the resume: find out what qualities like a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn stand out to employers. 
  • Navigating the changing work landscape: gain insights on the growing need for career coaching and upskilling in a dynamic job market. This episode explores how individuals can adapt and thrive amidst career transitions and the skillset landscape. 

Meet Gerard Holland 

Gerard Holland is the visionary CEO of InternMatch and a tech entrepreneur driven by a commitment to equity and opportunity. He founded InternMatch to democratise access to employment opportunities, culminating in the creation of InternMatch International, a ground-breaking platform connecting students and graduates worldwide with internships. 

Gerard’s visionary leadership extends to co-authoring the Global Employment Challenge, aimed at placing one million unemployed graduates into internships globally. With a background in Chartered Accountancy and a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Gerard embodies a blend of financial acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Meet Naren Chellappah  

Naren Chellappah, is a distinguished Career Coach with a track record of guiding over 3,000 individuals to secure employment in Australia. His leadership roles at top universities like Monash, Swinburne, and Melbourne University attest to his expertise in the field. 

As Director of Top Graduates and Program Director at Career Success Australia, Naren specialises in providing tailored solutions for local and international graduates and skilled migrants navigating the Australian job market. His holistic approach encompasses resume optimisation, interview preparation, and networking strategies, ensuring job seekers have the tools to thrive in Australia’s competitive employment landscape. 


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