What is Take 5?

Do you have time constraints?  If so, then our Take 5 episodes are for you.

Our Take 5 episodes offer our listeners with a quick digestible bite-size recording.  We invite a special guest to give us a 5 minute, (no more), meaty topic and opinion that they are passionate about.

We aim to share with our global mobility world, best practices and thought leadership from experts in their field.

Introducing Take 5

Our hosts Keryn and Jamie elaborate on the concept of our new Take 5 podcast series and what our listeners can expect to hear.


LOVE + RELO and Beyond

With Ben Cross

Ben Cross was a guest on The Working World in 2021 and since then, a LOT has changed for him. He has joined the many people who are opting out of traditional work arrangements and entering a new phase of entrepreneurship – Take 5 to find out how and why, and the huge results he is achieving.

8 min