What is the Working World Podcast?

The Working World podcast, focuses on the evolution of the global workforce and mobility trends, highlighting how technological advancements, policy changes, and digital transformation are reshaping the landscape of work, and the way professionals engage in the world.

We delve into the transformation of traditional global mobility programs and explore future predictions, emphasising diversity, inclusion, and the impact of a growing remote workforce enabled by technological advances that foster remote and distributed teams.

Our aim is to provide insights into the strategies for navigating these changes, fostering a more flexible, adaptive, and inclusive working environment.

Our audience and Community

Our target audience encompasses HR professionals, global mobility specialists, business leaders, and innovators passionate about the dynamics of international talent management, remote workforces, and the strategies for managing global talent in an increasingly interconnected world.

We aim to build a global community through engaging online platforms, fostering connections, and knowledge sharing among professionals navigating the challenges and opportunities of global mobility. By offering interactive sessions, social media engagement, and listener Q&As, we strive to create a vibrant space for shared learning and networking, serving those at the forefront of crafting innovative talent management strategies.


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