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Jess Dunderdale has dedicated the majority of her professional journey to the corporate accommodation space. In her capacity as the Senior Director of Sales at AltoVita, Jess is tasked with establishing new partnerships and expanding the clientele base of a team of Account Executives.

Furthermore, her pivotal role on AltoVita’s sustainability committee uniquely positions her to engage in insightful conversations on the ever-evolving intricacies and emerging trends around sustainability within the corporate accommodation sector.

In this episode, Jess shares her knowledge and experience and delves into the complex world of sustainability certifications in the corporate accommodation and hospitality sectors. The discussions brought to light the challenges and opportunities in promoting environmentally responsible practices across diverse industries.

Insights into this episode include:

  • Sustainability certifications and practices in corporate accommodation, in the hospitality industry and potential regulations
  • Sustainability and inclusivity in global mobility.
  • Corporate housing and sustainability with industry insights.
  • Work-from-anywhere program and family vacation plans.



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