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In this episode, Shumin Yeo, Director of Education and Growth at ATMA, and Steve Burson, Chairman of ATMA provided an overview of the Asian Talent Mobility Alliance (ATMA) and its mission.

ATMA, a non-profit organisation established during the COVID-19 pandemic, is committed to promoting the advancement of global mobility professionals in Asia. Dedicated to embracing diversity within the talent mobility trade, ATMA provides support and advocacy for its members throughout the region and aims to represent the interests of its members to governments across Asia, filling a gap left by existing trade organisations.


The organisation also focuses on building membership and advocating for the industry, offering unique insights and mentorship opportunities for mobility practitioners. Through mentorship, networking, and community learning initiatives, ATMA creates a platform for industry professionals to connect, learn, and advocate for their interests.

ATMA’s pillars:

ATMA supports the advancement of global mobility professionals in Asia through four main pillars:


·       Advocacy: ATMA works to influence mobility policies across Asia, engaging with governments to shape regional practices and strategies.

·       ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance): This pillar focuses on integrating ESG principles into the mobility industry, emphasising sustainability beyond just environmental factors.

·       Education: ATMA offers educational programs and a mentoring initiative to enhance the professional skills and knowledge of mobility practitioners in the region.

·       Events and Networking: Through various events, ATMA provides networking opportunities that enable professionals to exchange ideas and collaborate, strengthening the community and its collective expertise.


Meet Shumin Yeo

Shumin Yeo, Director of Education and Growth at ATMA and Senior Manager for Global Mobility at Micron Technology, is a seasoned professional with deep-rooted experience in HR management within the semiconductor industry. With a robust skill set encompassing HR data management, benefits administration, immigration services, and employee communications, Shumin has emerged as a trusted leader in her field.

Thriving in dynamic environments, Shumin has progressively assumed greater responsibilities, particularly in overseeing mobility programs across the Asia-Pacific region. Today, she leads Micron’s global mobility function, spearheading initiatives to enhance employee experiences and redefine the role of global mobility within the organisation. Honoured as the Rising Star of the Year in FEM EMMA America 2022, Shumin and her team have been awarded for their innovative talent mobility strategies and empowering women’s initiatives, solidifying her position as a strategic partner within the company.

Meet Steve Burson

Steve Burson, Chair of ATMA and CEO of Relo Network Asia, is a visionary leader with over two decades of experience in the relocation industry. Beginning as a Coordinator for International Relocations in Nagoya under the JET Program, Steve’s journey led him to explore translation and interpretation before discovering his true passion for working closely with people.

In 2003, he joined the H&R Group, immersing himself in the mobility industry and eventually spearheading the growth of Relo Japan alongside other senior executives.

Under Steve’s leadership, Relo Network Asia evolved into a fully comprehensive destination service provider operating across multiple Asian countries. His unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction culminated in the acquisition of Relo Network Asia by the H&R Group in July 2016. Subsequently, he assumed the role of Managing Director in Singapore, where he continues to innovate and expand the company’s footprint in the region, ensuring seamless relocations and fostering the globalisation of Asia.



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