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Jamie Lingham | ‘Djokovic Lessons Learnt’


In this episode, Jamie Lingham, our usual co-host and immigration expert of 20 years, is interviewed by Keryn Mendes on the key takeaways from the recent Novak Djokovic situation and how those lessons can be applied to everyday mobility.

Jamie provides us with some expert insights and commentary in regard to the various stages in the Australian immigration process that Djokovic and his team faced, as well as the lessons we can take away and apply in a corporate setting, to avoid a similar situation for your employees

Jamie and Keryn’s discussion includes:

  • Visas do not guarantee travel
  • The individual is ultimately responsible for their paperwork
  • Declarations must be answered honestly, despite a perceived issue
  • Mobility practitioners must be involved throughout the recruitment & movement process, whether external experts are utilised or not

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