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Hybrid Working and the Zoom Ceiling

With Elora Voyles

PhD People Scientist at TINYpulse by Limade, (San Diego)

Dr Elora Voyles (PhD) is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist and People Scientist at TINYpulse (by Limeade) in San Diego, USA. With an emphasis on research and application, Elora’s skills and experience include teaching, training, survey design, statistical analysis, job analysis, performance management, recruiting and selection, leadership, and employee appraisal.

With TINYpulse (by Limeade), Elora has recently undertaken a study with over 500 HR professionals and leaders as well as 474 employees around the world: State of Employee Engagement and Trends for 2021 and Predictions for 2022. Since the beginning of the pandemic and the great migration to work-from-home, the landscape of work has been permanently altered – the survey offers insights into the changing world of work and Elora brings those findings to our discussion.

In addition to Elora’s research, she has also had articles published including the recent ‘The Zoom Ceiling is the new Glass Ceiling’, and has been interviewed on topics including the unexpected consequences for workers who opt to work remotely.

To find out more about Elora’s research and read additional articles, follow the following link:

  • Article – The Zoom Ceiling is the new Glass Ceiling article: click here


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