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Mark Bicocchi | Senior Manager of Global Mobility at Hilton Worldwide

Mark Bicocchi, the Senior Manager of Global Mobility at Hilton Worldwide, joins Jamie and Keryn to discuss the global impacts to the hospitality sector and the challenges that mobility practitioners are facing due to the pandemic.

With more than 15 years of Global Mobility and Relocation experience, Mark discusses his perspectives regarding labor shortages in the hospitality sector, how roles have changed in mobility since the pandemic hit, and the importance of wellbeing and the initiatives Hilton Hotels have introduced to support their staff in 160 countries worldwide.

In this episode, Mark also offers some insights into how they have overcome an average occupancy rate from 75% down to just 10%, hotel quarantine strategies, corporate tips for mobility practitioners, and the CleanStay initiative introduced by Hilton Worldwide to ensure their guests are staying in highly sanitised rooms

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